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Стала постить на фесбуке на английском. Оказалось, это занимает кучу сил и времени. Напишу и тут, раз так.

When I was a kid, I read a lot. I liked to read about adventures and travels, about pirates and wizards. I wanted only to read and travel. Many years my life was "insde". if you know what I mean. I invented many different stories, and I do it now, from time to time, too. So next, I wanted only to write and travel. But I never believed that I could travel a lot, it was like a dream.
When I got older, I met many interesting people, and I understood that the world is so big, and people are so interesting. Many of them have very interesting hobbies and plans for their lives. I think, I was lucky. But I was lost. I didn't know what I wanted. I was like infected, by one thing to another. All jobs (most of them) seemed so good and attractive.
It wasn't bad. I am not afraid to learn something new.
Sometimes I envy people, who know who they are, or who... you know, who are settled in life at twenty-four. Who have direction, a road from fourteen years old. But now I think, I stayed the same, mostly. I still want what I always wanted. And I do it.

Кроме того, читаю "Сто лет одиночества". Пока не понятно.

Еще нашла книгу Аше Гарридо "Человек, которого нет". И вот это пиздец. Мощнейшая штука, какой яркий прожектор воли и жизни, какая невероятная победа, какая дикая работа духа. Очень .. не вдохновляющие даже, но будто выталкивающие. Мегакруто, у меня просто нет слов.
Была вчера на тренировке. С неделю назад потянула руку, все еще болит, но лдля тренировок не мешает. Главное, не опираться на нее при падении.
Снова сплыв из жж. Очень жаль ленту друзей.


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