Lituanicon XXVIII

Sep. 22nd, 2017 04:09 pm
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Lituanicon XXVIII

Приглашаю на конвент любителей фантастики Литвы! Его делают те же люди, что и в прошлом году, но ещё лучше.

Основной день – 30-ого сентября. Но это не всё! Весь месяц идут другие мероприятия.

22-ого, 19.00 – концерт «Легенды Средиземья» (Mokytojų Namai)

23–24 – спортивные игры Jugger (Vingio parkas)

26-ого, 18.30 – начало недели конвента
Сеанс фантастического довоенного кино (Saulėtekio biblioteka)
(фильм «Золото» на немецком + английские субтитры)

28-ого, 19.00 – Клуб фантастической книги, в гостях – автор! (Tesla PUB)
Книга Ninefox Gambit, беседуем с Yoon-Ha Lee!

Я хочу смотреть кино, читаю книгу (надеюсь быть на встрече) и, конечно, собираюсь быть на самом Литуаниконе. Конвент бесплатный! (Им можно сколько-то пожертвовать. Делать хорошее дело и ходить на мероприятие бесплатно – двойное удовольствие, я пробовала!).

Romeo and Juliet

Sep. 22nd, 2017 01:20 pm
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 Я писал про Ромео и Джульету, которая дочь наших друзей. Даже давал ссылку на псковский сайт

По фактам там всё более менее правильно, но глаза коробит от оценок и комментариев автора.

Вот теперь продолжение. Искусство загловка "... решили расстаться". Никто не решил расстаться, просто псковскую маму Ромео прессуют военкоматские и полиция и он решил, что лучше отслужить год, чем наращивать клубок проблем. Тем более у него двойное гражданство, а таких не посылают в стрёмные места.
Он уже побывал в Киеве и Виннице (Ленчик, поправь, если что) и ему понравилось. И он очень нравится нашим друзьям.

Итак, часть номер два:

The Flash season 3

Sep. 22nd, 2017 01:52 am
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Abra Kadabra shows up yet somehow it's still all about Savitar.
I think I'd be bored of that even if I didn't know the ending.
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I'm not liking several layers of what they're doing.
At the moment I'm looking forwards to the end of the season.

Tired now

Sep. 21st, 2017 09:16 pm
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Attempt to go to board games night at Waterstones unsuccessful. No board games, no dude that runs board games night, no noticeable board game night by ten past when it started, an the lady at the desk thought the guy was at the other shop today so it wouldn't happen. If it happened after quarter past starting I'll be vaguely annoyed, but, couldn't see a group identifiably hanging around waiting for games either. The knitting was there again though. Maybe I should try social knitting.

The mobile phones place in the mall made money go in my phone again. I know many people can make this happen without going to a phone shop but I heard the phone tell the guy to put in a sixteen digit number and honestly I'm fine leaving it to them twice a year. Mall wasn't otherwise very interesting.

Went to The Range to try and buy a tablecloth but there were only a couple sorts, on sale, either the color I wanted or the pattern I wanted but not both at once, or a lot of runners which are nice but not the thing. Christmas was only half unpacked, and Halloween didn't take half the space of christmas. It is very very shiny though. I didn't buy things because then they just stay in the box but if I'm still thinking of specific things next week I could pop in again.

Sainsburys had moneys off clothing but none clothes I wanted. One very soft sleep shirt I might get later but don't really need. Slippers either my size or my color. And a watch with a too big strap. But none things I wanted from the sale.

But they did have a season set of Arrow, so now I'll have all the things and can in theory get caught up :-)

Also the foods were there and the drinks and the cleaning supplies
and I remembered to check my shopping list before we left so I could go back for the laundry whatsits.

Basically a success.

Well I did my half, anyways.

Now I'm very tired and looking forwards to staying home for a week.

Norwich Science Fiction Group

Sep. 20th, 2017 11:34 pm
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Went to the Ribs of Beef again for first and third Wednesday science fiction group.
We actually talked science fiction for the whole evening, helped along by an argument about AI and self driving cars and the ethics of trolley problems and so forth.

Also I complained about the shows I've been watching. ... I should find something to yaay about.

Also also I had not watched what the others said was just on TV. But neither had two out of three of them. Electric dreams? Googling says it's on channel 4 and I can probably get it on the catch up. But it's PKD and I'm not sure that's a promising start.

There's so much to watch and read and listen that we seldom have much overlap. Makes conversation interesting but difficult.

I'm always like a year behind because of waiting for DVDs. I'm getting ever more tempted to subscribe to one of the paid ways to get things quicker. Don't know though, it's not like I watch all my DVDs fast enough to get through the To Watch pile as is, having stuff to watch every week seems unlikely to very work.

But the talking worked good, so, yaays.

The Flash season 3

Sep. 20th, 2017 06:58 pm
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Watched the musical episode.
That was bad.
The songs were just plunked in there. Running home to you was cute but sounded weird. Everything else was only there because it was designated musical episode.
If the songs donot show you things the characters couldn't speak, don't bother.
And if the elseworld is supposed to be generated by their brain then the characters alternate selves should tell you something about how the dreamers see them, or what's the point?
So, no point.
Very boring.

... to be fair I watched it mostly on fast forward and am not a fan of sound so you could guess I'm not the target audience here
but I loved the Buffy musical and have the soundtrack
so it's not like I always hate things like this.

I just don't think they bothered using their conceit, let alone for the things it does uniquely well.

The Flash season 3

Sep. 20th, 2017 05:37 pm
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Barry goes into the speed force to get Wally out.
Aka yet another not-Snart, why do they do this to us?

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Lots of interesting story parts. I'm annoyed at Barry, not the writers.

... though Barry doing hero stuff again would be quite nice too.
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Каждый раз, как приезжает друг М., мне чудовищно не хватает часов в сутках и дней - в неделе. 
Каждый раз я потрясен тем, насколько мы разные и насколько разные у нас способы и пути всего, кроме результата - и насколько полезен друг для друга этот опыт накрест, деланья одного и того же (в пределе, но тем не менее) кардинально разными способами.

Говорили (разным составом) о страхах, потом запишу еще, сейчас начерно:
По сути, все страхи можно поделить на три категории: 
- страх физического повреждения
- страх эмоционального повреждения (страх утраты целостности)
- страх социального повреждения (страх оставленности или отвержения)

И интересное начинается тогда, когда какой-то из этих страхов переживается сильнее, чем другие - в силу того, что он может быть привычнее, больше, да колея может быть в конце концов глубже и накатаннее.
И тогда один страх проживается как другой. 
(- Можешь привести пример эмоционального страха?
- Да, конечно. Я могу бояться, например, что мой близкий какими-то своими действиями нанесет мне травму, могу очень долго это переживать.
- Бинго. То, что ты тут перечисляешь - страх социального повреждения. Страх эмоционального повреждения в той же ситуации - это "я боюсь, что близкий будет совершать нежелательные для меня действия, а я с этим соглашусь и не пикну". Вот так оно и меняется.)

Буду еще это крутить, но штука явно урожайная. И да, речь всегда о недостаче ресурса. Но выдавая один страх за другой, невозможно определить, какого именно ресурса недостача. Соответственно, невозможно и восполнить. Даже подойти к этому невозможно. 

Я к чему это, о страхах. 
Меня иногда выносит на разные странички с "задайте себе эти вопросы и попытайтесь честно на них ответить".
И среди них обязательно есть что-то вроде: 
Если бы сбылись самые худшие ваши страхи, имело бы это значение пять лет спустя?

Пять миллионов лет спустя это перестало бы иметь значение, и то, как посмотреть.

as good as

Sep. 20th, 2017 02:58 pm
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I was reading a couple news items about a survey that reckoned it revealed depression in a quarter of teenagers
and one thing that stuck in my mind to bother me
was they took a statement something like "I will never be as good as other kids"
to be a sign of depression.
Actually I double checked and it's “I thought I could never be as good as other kids.”

Thing is, when you're in school, everyone being graded all the time, you get a pretty good idea of if you're getting top grades or not, and what your range is, and how well your best is going to be received. And you know if you are actually as good as other kids. Because half of people are below average, and not as good... at things they're asked to do and be assessed on.

So, like, the phrasing is so broad it doesn't invite a nuanced answer, and it's trying to pick up on low self worth, but it's got nothing they mentioned to check how realistic they're being if they're interpreting it in grades A-C or other quantifiables.

And it shouldn't be that you hate yourself as a person for low grades, but if acknowledging you have low grades is taken as a sign of mental illness, that is a whole different problem. Like, realism isn't illness.

And maybe some people are good at some things and not others, and maybe some people are good at some socially or financially valuable things and not others, and it's a whole stack of assumptions to say some people are below average at everything they've tried, but, I suspect, some people are below average at everything they've tried, and noticing that isn't ill.

Though it's probably depressing.

I feel like society has lost the balance between striving to be your best and acknowledging that only one person is the best. Like, all this best rhetoric doesn't leave many places for the rest of us to stand, even though we're the vast majority.

And that's what that one survey question made me think of, even though it only had meaning in context added together with questions about miserable crying and hating themselves.

In related thoughts, thinking that the future is not going to get better may be a symptom, but it may also be a consequence of just reading the headlines...
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• Михаил Айзенберг. Случайное сходство (2011)
• Николай Звягинцев. Туц (2008)

(no subject)

Sep. 19th, 2017 09:52 pm
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squick of the day: when reading old (old) meta and they start trying to fit Team TARDIS into a sedoretu without knowing who River is...

... canon was awkward, but not that awkward.


Sep. 19th, 2017 08:20 pm
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I was reading some sedoretu fic
and it just seems, like, really practical and useful and stuff.
Like, those relationships staying together seems solid.

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(no subject)

Sep. 19th, 2017 03:34 am
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It might be nice to live somewhere that the neighbours were not three in the morning people
or you didn't have to play 'bottle or window - smash noise identification'

the flash season 3

Sep. 18th, 2017 09:55 pm
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with a very fast engagement, Wally's mom, and a bit of an oops.

also the point where I'm pretty sure me knowing the ending means I'm not getting the same experience of watching this. so spoilers for later episodes below.

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Why is Barry having a big argument about killing Grodd
and nobody is mentioning
Al Rothstein, Eddie Slick and Griffin Grey.

Were there others? I honestly can't remember right now.

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I am also bored by mind control, so that's a blah.

But Grodd stories, especially one where the first half had Barry win by doing a Reverse Flash, are about how they're both shaped by how they were raised, and what that man Grodd calls father gave them. So there's three of Wells in this story, the two live bodies and the influence of the murderer. Which is cool. Barry deciding whether or not to kill is absolutely a story to explore with this kind of comparison.

But it really needs to remember he already did.

Aukštadvario šaltiniai

Sep. 18th, 2017 10:58 pm
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Ура, в субботу наконец-то состоялась групповая прогулка, которую я пыталась собрать уже с мая :) . Вчетвером – с Астой, Ёжичкой и Хвостом – погуляли петлёй к югу от городка Аукштадварис. Всем спасибо, и большое спасибо Эжюке за то, что нас довезла и привезла обратно! (Значит, я без угрызений этой осенью опять могу туда поехать, не кончился внутренний лимит на аукштадварское расточительство). Мы и на гору городища залезли, и два родника нашли (третий, похоже, в этом году на очень мокром месте – не хотелось и проверять). Родники, если верить информации парка, все языческо-сакральные (...в парках как-то таких немало, подозреваю, сотрудники понемножку и сами сочиняют). И даже завершили маршрут хардкорным образом, через заросшее поле, как он на бумажной карте; смотрю, в сети они уже перерисовали этот отрезок на гравиевую дорогу. Славно поболтали, но тем временем и природу видели да нюхали. И все (даже меньше привычные) отлично прошли те примерно 14 км. Обязательно надо будет пытаться так (со знакомыми) ещё. А фотографий пусть будет много.

20 foto )

the flash season 3

Sep. 18th, 2017 06:29 pm
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Gorilla City, Grodd, and at least three versions of Harry.

I hate it when the characters are stupid. It gets boring.

... that's actually like 90% of my reaction to this one.

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Sep. 18th, 2017 03:03 pm
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На Келецкой дорисовали граффити. Жаль, что это место далеко от мойх маршрутов от дома до работы.
Из митцив только Никитюка знаю по старым добрым временам.

 Автор ідеї муралу «Місто Культури» Олег Ходаков, автор ескізу Тетяна Волошина. Над виконанням проекту працювали: Олександр Марченко, Володимир Ходак, Ольга Гаєвик, Андрій Барчук (мультимедійний супровід), творчий куратор проекту О. Никитюк.

(no subject)

Sep. 18th, 2017 02:56 am
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На Белой я почти всегда проговариваю вслух то, что сейчас важно.
Поэтому прохожих навстречу считаю неподходящим знаком. 
Сегодня мне навстречу вышел мальчик лет двенадцати-пятнадцати. 
Я не сразу его разглядел, поэтому успел расстроиться. И расстраивался, пока мы не сошлись шага за три.
Мальчик шел с тренировки. В тридцатиградусную жару - в полном спортивном облачении, черном, подмышкой маска, в руке - рапира. 
"Оно шутить любит", ага.

Identity and Reverse Flash

Sep. 18th, 2017 12:35 am
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I was just thinking an aspect of why I get interested in Reverse Flash:
because of paradox and going backwards, he has a whole story telling him who to be. And you can write him as striving to have an individual identity in the face of that imposed story. And that's usually a woman's arc, like struggling to break free of a spy training facility or whatever, the story tells her to be evil and powerful and she just wants room to exist.
That's not the main supported story that Reverse Flash is trying to tell
but I just realised where it fits in my pattern of interests.

He got told who he would grow up to be, and he'll break the universe if he doesn't become that.
Like it or not.

Of course Flash is told who he's going to be, but he keeps phrasing it in terms of future events to happen or not, not straight up identity.

Reverse Flash had his identity defined by his relationship to a guy. Hate hate relationship, at the simplest reading, but still. Usually that happens to characters getting called Lady Whatever because they're standing next to Lord Whatever.

And then to empower Barry - who he hates - Thawne sets aside his names, personal and family, and again lives another man's story. And yeah, saving Barry's destiny is the only way to save his own life, he props Barry up so he can use him, but. It's the story of someone setting aside their own name and career to support someone else, who is going to be seen as greater than them.

When Eobard got his wish in Doomworld he was still running a lab, but as himself, getting awards and recognition in his own name. That's his wish, but he can't have it, because Flash.

Of course all of this is way murdery. He loses his own life because he did a murder. He gets to live in a fancy house and all that rich stuff, this isn't a story of his suffering.

I'm just identifying the trope hooks that make his half of the story more compelling to me.

If you want to tell it that way, there's some very familiar elements.


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